There are many more cat stories out there,

and I would be very happy if you would send me your traveling cat story for me to illustrate and to publish.

Luna and Sol travel to Athens by Karolyn
When I moved from Prague to Athens, my two cats of course moved with me.
They had flown once before in their lives, from Washington DC to Prague,
so the much shorter flight to Athens was to be a piece of cake, which it was for all I knew
(they never said different) but the pickup after the flight, that did go a bit differently.
Luna and Sol again flew together, in one large (medium-dog-sized) carrier.
The shared space kept them calmer, and made it easier for me to manage them
plus all my other luggage, which after landing in Athens I piled up onto a cart.
So I am standing next to this cart, luggage stacked high, near the doors marked
"oversize luggage" through which I was told my traveling cats would emerge.
So I am waiting, and wondering where they are, and I am waiting some more,
and as you do, looking around at all the people when I notice on the baggage carousel my cats!
Their carrier was slowly moving along with the other luggage,
their poor scared faces peering through the carrier door,
wondering who it was that thought a ride on a conveyer belt
was surely the appropriate ending to a ride in the air.
Abandoning my luggage-packed cart (too big to move quickly enough), I
ran to the belt, snatched up their carrier, and told them the ride was over,
which was sort of true, as we did have to take a taxi and then a lift to get to their new home,
but we did make it in the end. They never travelled in that carrier again,
which was surely a relief all around.

Magee’s big adventure from Athens, Greece to Worcester, USA
with his owner Karen.
“Then, the most amazing part of the trip began.
I was the ONLY first clas
s passenger on that flight!
I had two flight attendants all to myself, both of whom were cat owners
and so were very solicitous. I was able to take Magee out of his carrier
and hold him in my lap. I didn’t do that for the whole eight-hour flight,
of course, but I did take him out a couple of times and he just sat
and purred while I held and stroked him. I dozed a bit in my extremely comfortable seat which could be adjusted in any number of ways,
watched a movie, read a magazine, bought a couple of things from the on-board duty-free, wandered around first-class, chatted with “my” flight attendants, and looked after Magee. Mostly, I ate and drank
(champagne, caviar, pate, shrimp, venison, roast goose, Swiss chocolate, two kinds of red wine, cognac, etc.)."
"Magee is happy in his new home and that is the most important thing!”

Poppi and Philomena journey from life on the street to their foster home to their forever homes.
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To all the greek cats I had the honour to meet,
cuddle and care for while living in Athens.