AND OUR TRAVEL EXPERIENCES

                                                    Since 2006, Esther Gebauer's vibrantly colorful visualisations for several magazines draw on
                                                    a variety of techniques to illustrate a theme-specific idea for each project. 
                                                    Her strengths lie in traditional illustrations (drawing, water painting) as well as paper cuts, collages and bricolage.
                                                    Born in Germany in 1974, Esther initially developed her expertise by studying Typography Design in London,
                                                    and then working as an art director in Cologne (at Meiré & Meiré) and Barcelona (at BaseDesign).
                                                    While living in Barcelona, Esther shifted from design to art and illustration, after a year spent in Madrid,
                                                    she moved for some time Athens, than back to Madrid and
she now lives and illustrates once again in Barcelona.


Publications: Freistil - Best of European Illustration, Novum 10/2010,

Illustrative - Contemporary Illustration, Luerzer’s Archive - 200 Best Illustrators worldwide 2011/12
Exhibitions: lugAr abaixadors, Barcelona, Spain
Noventa Grados, San Sebastian, Spain


Clients: Meiré und Meiré, Mecal Pro, Scholz&Friends, BaseDesign, SectionD, Young+Rubicam Vienna,
UCM Publishers, Rock & Comp, Proxi Design, brand eins, kid's wear, Maxima, MISS, BC, Style in Progress,
Financial Times Germany, Eltern Familie Magazin, …

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